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Village Plan - completed in 2011 and consisting of  two documents derived from the original questionnaire. Now (May 16) being replaced by a Neighbourhood Plan which is apparently better....

 - the Plan itself (16Mb) and the Appendices with anonymous raw data and the calculations.

- the Summary and Action Plan which was (or will) be delivered to all households is also there.

South Cambs DC has a planning application database which has all the current application and goes back to 1948 with maps & relevant documents as pdfs - try this link.

Press housing development seemed to get an enthusiastic thumbs down. Despite this SCDC seems to have allowed a back entrance which is dodgy in terms of sight lines and traffic, and will be a real problem if we ever get a flyover and all the Station Road traffic has to pass this point.

The village conservation area (presently covering the start of Shepreth Road almost to the dovecot) is under consideration by the PC and has been since 2013) with a view to extending it to around the start of  Barrons Lane and the school end of Station Road. A new area is also being proposed immediately around the station.

As of July 2015 the conservation area proposals are still pending or perhaps buried? As of Dec 2015 a document should be winging its way to SCDC but whether this bears any resemblance to the plan drawn up by the history group is a mystery to me. Maybe I just missed it when looking on the PC website.

The document sent to the PC by a subgroup of the history society is available as a PDF or DocX. Photos of the properties cited are available on request (use feedback button at the top).

I've been told that the Conservation area report has been contracted out by SCDC. I hope that if  the contractor has any vested interests that they have been properly declared!

New development in Fowlmere Road outside the envelope is now up and running with no link path to the community woodland despite the track once being a parish right of way to the chalk pit. This gives the village 15 new council type houses at the cost of giving up ownership of the adjacent track. The choice of site seems a bit odd as I'm sure that CCC might  have sold some land nearer to the centre of the village where the tithe barn used to be. Somebody behind the scenes must have decided that the outer edge of the village was the best place I suppose and any siting discussions were just overlooked in the PC minutes. This nicely opened the way for two posh house plots next to the council houses - very handy.

Gladman site for 95 new houses off Shepreth Road has gone to appeal having been rejected by the PC and SCDC but the Local Plan still isn't in place so the loophole allowing this type of development is still there. Having experienced the quality of discussion from an SCDC Councillor recently if it is representative of them all I can't say I'm surprised that the Local Plan hasn't arrived yet. Gladman appeal against refused planning has been dismissed.

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