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Minutes of the meetings of the Parish council are given below. They are only released after they have been approved at the next meeting, and the Parish Clerk has forwarded them, so they are at least a month out of date. Reports in the Laurentian are generally more up to date or you could always get the 'horses mouth' version by attending the parish council meeting held in the village hall on the first Monday of the month at 7.45pm. The councillors all welcome participation.

Minutes from 1894 to 1959 are here

  • Jan 14       pdf  or   doc
  • Feb 14      pdf  or   doc
  • Mar 14      pdf  or   doc
  • No further entries because minutes should now be on the new parish council website & its only costing 1 per house!
I've left this lot as the official site gave me an error when I tried to see if they'd pulled the pre2013 minutes over.


  • Jan 11       pdf  or   doc
  • Feb 11      pdf  or   doc
  • Mar 11      pdf  or   doc
  • Apr 11      pdf  or   doc
  • May 11      pdf  or   doc   (AGM)
  • Jun 11        pdf  or   doc 
  • Jul 11         pdf  or   doc
  • Aug 11       no meeting
  • Sep 11       pdf  or   doc
  • Oct 11        pdf  or   doc
  • Nov 11       pdf  or   doc 
  • Dec 11       pdf  or   doc
  • Jan 10       pdf  or   doc
  • Feb 10      pdf  or   doc
  • Mar 10      pdf  or   doc
  • Apr 10       pdf  or   doc
  • May 10      pdf  or   doc  (AGM)
  • Jun 10        pdf  or   doc
  • Jul 10         pdf  or   doc
  • Aug 10       no meeting
  • Sep 10       pdf  or   doc
  • Oct 10        pdf  or   doc
  • Nov 10       pdf  or   doc
  • Dec 10       pdf  or   doc

  Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 2012

pdf  or doc

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 2008

pdf  or doc

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 2007

pdf  or doc

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 2006

pdf 16kb doc 34kb


Public Meeting 10-7-06 pdf or doc

Annual Parish Meeting 2005 - agenda pdf or doc

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 2005

pdf 53kb doc 66kb

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 2004

pdf 48kb doc 74kb

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