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Starting with the basics, an application for 15 houses is being considered by SCDC  for Moores Farm off the Fowlmere Road. 50% of these should be for affordable housing. - approved but may be being modified. In the interim there is activity on the site. These are now up for sale at a very affordable 380-640k

South Cambridgeshire District Plan limits development to 8 dwellings or up to 16 in exceptional circumstances.

A little development is planned for the plot opposite the church alongside the footpath to the station. Its possible that this could squeeze the footpath which technically runs down the east side where the boundary is a bit wobbly!  Construction is complete now including a buy-to-let job at 1500pcm for 3 bed terrace.

Also locally, now we have the Burlington Press development - but if that goes ahead expect an exclusive estate.

Barrington quarry has been closed by Cemex with a view to putting in a housing development and we are now getting trains to dump stuff in the quarry.


If you are interested in a flyover on the A10, you might want to look at this 1963 proposal (jpg). Although it was first discussed at CCC in 1923. Noted as being included in CCC development budget at 6.5m for 2008-9.  Network rail want to close crossings and may fund a flyover estimated at 12m (a much quieter underpass would be 19m). If  Network Rail doesn't fund it CCC seems unlikely to. Detailed preliminary estimate below. Get from Royston to Harston faster (then stop!), join the competition to be first of many for a free ambulance trips from Foxton Bottom to Addenbrokes. (At least you'll be able to park in an ambulance). Flyover money has now been withdrawn.

An alternative proposal has been put forward which is worth a read (word doc). The authors would love to know the level of support & contact details are in the document.

Foxton Level Crossing Elimination GRIP 2 Report Rev C
pages 0-39  Includes Summary & Contents (pdf 1.5Mb)
pages 40-71 Appendix A, B, C & D start  (pdf 6.4Mb)
Appendix D end & E start (pdf 3.5Mb)
Appendix E continued (pdf 800Kb)
Appendix E continued2 (pdf 1.2Mb)
Appendices E end, F, G, H, I, J, K, L & M  (pdf 1.4Mb)
Appendices N, P,Q & R (pdf 3.5Mb)
Appendices S, T, U & V  (pdf 3.8Mb)

CCC page on Foxton level crossing

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