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Olanzapine is used for short-term treatment of agitation caused by schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

When did zyprexa go generic ? I was just looking at the generic ones available on here, not knowing for sure, but since they are a bit more expensive for generic, what are the chances that any other brand will have the same results? Or just another generic equivalent of zyprexa? I did not know that generics could have been as effective the Zyprexa that can be purchased for $60 in the pharmacy. I am pretty certain it will be better, however. I have read the price of generic zyprexa is $55, which to me quite a bit higher than the generic name. Is there a chance that will change? Thanks in advance! davidj_1946 NICE Post Extras: i had been on zyprexa (generic/generic) for 2 years and thought it was great then a few weeks ago i decided didnt want zyprexa any more i had not been on it for 2 years or so, i didnt use the generic name for a long time just did the name on this list which i got from a local co-op that had it and did good. but the generic ones can cost anywhere from 75-100 dollars... so, what would you do if wanted to switch generic zyprexa but your insurance company did not pay for it? if you have a generic that has lower rate then the one that i was on, do you get to keep it? Post Extras: i think its more about the insurance company and what they will cover i think, if your insurance covers it (which most likely you cant) then its just a name i can use to order generics from i feel like its a pretty easy way to switch generic. this thread is for my fellow people who cant get anything and need to find a name on the internet to order i can get a generic to save money. you would have to be using an insurance carrier that gives out generic drugs, like statefarm. i have heard of people getting generics from other areas in my area like florida. i would think those are pretty hard to find and it would be good to know where they are. (i think i was on one of those but its hard to track down) if its the generics they have in your area where they refuse to give them you and your being denied because you dont have insurance, well i guess its your problem to find somewhere else get the drugs. and i think that most of the people who are posting here just have insurance to get generic drugs and just cant find a Generic pharmacy list of medicines generic on the net, so they use my idea...well worth a shot I think...

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