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Two tries at getting a discussion board going, both failed for lack of interest - 1, yes only one, suggestion that this might be a good idea. If I ever get 5 or more it might be worth another try.

Use feedback at the top to let me know if you think  this is a good idea or not

In the interim as the Men's Breakfast group has no web outlet....

Our next meeting will be as usual on the third Saturday in January - the 16th at 8.30 in Foxton Village Hall. Our guest speaker will be the Rev. Angela Melaniphy. She will be giving us her ‘New Year Message’ and telling us about ‘her first 6 months in the Benefice.’ Also she may discuss ‘Why we get less men attending church…!’ Our cook will be Adrian for this meeting. 

We have some interesting speakers lined for next year:- 

Speaker List 2016

Dates       Speaker   -   Title -    Subject         - Cook         

16 Jan. - Rev. Angela        - New Year Message and first year in the Benefice - Adrian

20 Feb. Rajinda Sharma on Smart Cities-new technology to help get round cities-Michael           

12 Mar. -Vicky Ford – MEP - on The EU and its development - In or out? - Tony

16 Apr. - Dan Greef            - on Palestine   - What of the future?       - Adrian

21 May.  Rev. Garry McDermott – on Cambridge Street Pastors - Christians working in a practical way in the night time economy " - Michael   

18 Jun. - Dr. Carrie Herbert - Red Balloon - supporting young people who self-exclude or are isolated at school because of bullying or other trauma - Tony

16 July. - Tony Deans – BBQ at Deans Farm Fowlmere – Wild Flower meadows’ - Adrian  

17 Sep. -   David Wherrell – on Royston & District community transport -Michael  

15 Oct.  Ziba Tabrizi  - on Iranian Dance, Asian performing arts scene in London,

View of gender inequality. - Tony

19 Nov. - Caroline Lloyd Evens. Personal & Business Coaching, GLE Consulting & Training; Trustee and part time reception at the Cambridge Citizens Advice Bureau - Adrian



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