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Link to monumental inscriptions in Foxton churchyard with a plan

Link to Foxton 1911 Census (pdf)

Link to Foxton 1901 Census (pdf)

Link to Foxton 1891 Census (pdf)

Link to Foxton 1881 Census (pdf)

Link to Foxton 1871 Census (pdf)

Link to Foxton 1861 Census (pdf)

Link to Foxton 1851 Census (pdf)

Link to Foxton 1841 Census (pdf)

Local Defence Volunteers 1915

Homecoming Fund Distribution 1946 (doesn't name those overseas at the time)

1939 census - names only version (pdf)

Land Value Duties (Finance Act ) Transcript 1909 (pdf)

School Admissions 1895-1910 transcript

Electoral roll 1920 transcript  and 1921 transcript

1846 Rail Plans Register transcript  part of one planned route over Mortimers Farm (QRUM22 at Cambridgeshire Archives)

Link to Foxton emigrants & misc past people (pdf). Emigrants to Victoria (pdf)

Link to a stray piece of paper found in an old church bible - probably the list for prayers for those in the forces on one particular day during WWII. (word)

External link to Roll of Honour memorial

External link to Roll of Honour University Tutorial Press

External link to Parish Register transcripts for the Flacks in Foxton  Baptisms, Marriages & Burials1559-1892

There are a lot of names in the 1830 Inclosure transcript and  the 1839 tithes transcript

Anyone with any other links to support the genealogical community - let me know (feedback)

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