The only book that Foxton is famous for is "The Common Stream" by Rowland Parker.

This was published in 1975 and is currently out of print, although I have been told it might be being reprinted.

If you want a copy, and it's a good read, look at the noticeboard on the shop. As copies are found they are frequently offered for sale for church funds.

Not everybody agrees with everything that's in the book, but it's an excellent description of the social history of the village taken from an enormous amount of research into old 'Court Rolls', wills and other records.

Rowland Parker also published "The Cottage on the Green" and other books and pamphlets.

One booklet which was never published describes some of his war time experiences from Glasgow to Aleppo. The first part (of 6) is here.

The Common Stream itself still runs down the High Street, largely in pipes now, but is still visible in front of the houses on the Green.

There was also a website on the Common Stream , which has gone now but an archive version was available here. in 2021

A survey of its state in 2004 is available here

The Green      ;      Cropmark in West Hill field

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