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St Laurences Church is in the High Street. It is part of a four parish benefice in the diocese of Ely comprising Foxton, Fowlmere, Thriplow and Shepreth; in other words one vicar covers all of this area, and church services rotate around.

There is a Parochial Church Council which meets once a month and a register of eligible members

Contact:- Website http://www.thefourchurchbenefice.org/church/st-laurences/

Churchwardens: J McCombie,  C. 502368 & J Cairns C. 870473

There is a separate organisation called STREAM which raises funds for the upkeep of the fabric of the St. Laurence's. They have done a good job in recent years opening a path from the recreation ground to the south door for improved access. They are now concentrating on roof repairs after 3 attempts at lead snatching in 2016.

There is a Sunday School

 Link to a description of a visit to St Laurence's Church or to an 1880 architectural description


updated 10 November, 2021

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