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The Parish Council also represents the Recreation Ground Trust and others:

Recreation Ground Trust (Number 802045)
This charity came in to being in March 2000 when Councillors were making preparations for the future management of the new community facilities.
The Trust "owns" that part of the recreation ground acquired by the War Memorial Trust in the 1920's. Other parts of the recreation ground including where the tennis courts and bowls club are situated were purchased by the Parish Council.
The main objective of the Trust is the provision and maintenance of the recreation ground. 
The Trust is viewed as the "landlord" of the village hall and sports pavilion under a lease.
All Parish Councillors are automatically Trustees of the Recreation Ground Trust.
The Trust holds in investment accounts the monies raised in overage arising out of the development of former Trust and Parish Council owned land. Income from these investments has enabled the Trustees, for the first time, to pay for maintenance and works on the recreation ground so having a beneficial effect on the level of parish precept.
The Trustees are seeking to establish a sinking fund for the long term repair and maintenance of the village hall, roadway etc. They are also seeking to acquire an extension to the recreation ground to re-establish the long lost allotments, provide cricket nets, provide a garden for pre school children and some general relaxation space. Registration of land held in trust is a precursor to this purchase.
Once these transactions have been completed, a new trust deed will be required dealing with the widened responsibilities of the Trustees. 
contact: see the official website.

Foxton Village Hall Trust (Number 205434)
This came into being in May 1962 with the purpose of providing and maintaining the village hall. Effectively the trustees managed the old village hall and now manage the new village hall under the terms of the latest trust deed dated March 2000.
The Trustees are in effect tenants of the village hall under the terms of a lease with the Recreation Ground Trust. The Foxton Parish Council is custodian Trustee of both charities.
A management agreement governs the use of the hall by the school.
The sports association are in effect sub-tenants under the lease and manage the pavilion separately from the management of the hall and community rooms.
contact: Tessa Howell 

Town Lands Charity 
Don Challis was the man for the history of the Town Lands Charity which was formally established in the 1960's. Historically the Parish Council had administered the rental income from the farmer farming what were the former allotments in Fowlmere Road, roughly opposite the Fruit Farm.
Coal was delivered to the poor up to the 1950's out of these funds. There have been various other contributions out of charity funds including support for visits to hospital specialists and more recently the purchase of chairs for the lounge in the new village hall.

Former War Memorial Trust
This was formed in 1921 to erect a war memorial to Foxton folk who had fallen in the great war. Funds were sufficient to enable the charity to purchase the recreation ground (3 acres 2 roods) for the princely sum of 260 and the former parish rooms (40 feet x 16 feet) for 3. 
The old village hall was built on this land in 1929.
The trust ceased in August 1945 when the war memorial, village hall and recreation ground were transferred to Foxton Parish Council to hold as corporate trustees.

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