FOXTON, Cambridgeshire - Village of the Common Stream - History

CLICK FOR MORE INFO The village of Foxton has a traceable history stretching back over at least two thousand years. Much of what we know is thanks to Rowland Parker whose book, 'The Common Stream', published in 1975, was the result of much careful research into surviving objects, buildings and documents relating to the village.

In the final year of the second millennium, it was felt appropriate to celebrate the village in terms of its history, and this celebration took place over the week-end of 22nd & 23rd May 1999. STREAM, the Charitable Trust which was set up to raise funds for the Parish Church of St Laurence, sponsored the week-end, and visitors were invited to come and see the history of Foxton come to life, through the mediæval world, the Tudor years, Cromwell's Commonwealth, the Agrarian revolution, Victoria's reign - and the 20th Century. A highlight of the week-end was the organisation of historic tours conducted by costumed guides, during which the visitors met figures from Foxton's past, represented by today's residents in the appropriate period costume.

The basis of this web site was set up to publicise the week-end of celebration, but that basis is now being utilised as the stepping-off point for a historical reference to Foxton, based on the material amassed by Rowland Parker and supplemented by other information.

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